The Doors…

…stop here.

Just returned from a wonderful July 4th celebration and engagement party week with the Family Matriarch (FM) and the Kitchen King (KK) at their beachfront home on the South Shore in Massachusetts…photos and stories just ahead…(okay maybe three, four days away).

Anyway, while there and of course, snooping around admiring the new improvements…the grandkids bunk room…lucky kids…I happened upon a blast from my past.

Bunk Room


I took only one photo…rats.

A vintage door stop which adorned the door leading from the dining room to the hall in my childhood home. We had many door stops because our old victorian home was quite “crooked”…not in a criminal kind of way, but in a: The entire 16 room home was picked up and rolled back off its corner lot about 20 yards from Washington Street in Jamaica Plain around 1905 to make way for the elevated Orange Line way. Today, that section of Orange Line which is part of the public transit line known as the T is below grade about 200 yards down the other end of the street.

This house move caused most of the door jams in the home to form less than perfect 90º corners and doors which closed whether a breeze or not.

Ship Ahoy


The FM states she has had this for years. Funny how at the time I remember thinking this was just an old door stop and now how precious it is that it remains in use.

Upon further snooping admiration, I discovered there is a door stop on just about every door in their home. I never noticed this before. The cross breezes from the ocean through the house and back from the marsh mean that door slamming is a real possibility. Once again, first world problems of those that live by the seaside. Also, the house was built in 1850 and has over the years sustained some real storm damage so doors, frames, etc.  may also be less than perfect squares, but who am I to judge.

Presenting: The Door Stop Collection

The Knotty Sailor

Pun completely intended.


The door to a small bath on the first floor opens out to the hall that passes to a butler pantry and laundry closet.

Cast Iron: definitely not lightouch! Lighthouse


Holds the door to the bedroom where the Hubster and I slept…stubbed my toe, pedicure still intact…curse word redacted due to small children in the house.

Our Accommodations: Comfy Bed and Ocean View



Make Way for Ducklings…

I counted three,…but then again I may have had a glass a wine and took a photo of the same duck…you make the call.







Hubster thinks this is a different duck…I cry fowl.


Hmm…looks suspiciously like duck number One.

Frog or Toad?


The sweet fella or gal…I didn’t look under the hood…keeps the view below just right.

The Blue Room East


Everybody loves the blue room…what’s not to love, blue. white and just to the left more blue and white courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bird Watcher


If you can’t see this little bird as you climb the steps then the rest room is occupied.



This last one keeps the door to the beach side of the house: ALWAYS OPEN.

I was six years old when the KK married my sister…in addition to his full-time job with New England Bell, he was in the Naval Reserve at the time so I have a memory of a Christmas party aboard an aircraft carrier docked in the Boston Harbor. I remember he held my hand as we stepped on the deck only to have the deck begin to descend like an elevator. I was scared, but I looked up at him and he smiled in his uniform…much like this sailor.

navy door stop

I may need to find this perfect sailor for their home…trust me they have umpteen doors and he has always been a great man…always opening doors and his home to our family.

I hope you enjoyed my “tour door jour“.

Happy Wednesday!



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