Should I…

…To Facebook or not to Facebook?

I do not have a Facebook page, but Hubster does. There are many reasons why I don’t have a Facebook page, but I won’t dwell in the negative. Recently, several teachers at school joined Facebook and have told me about all the wonderful reconnections they have made.

Thirty-four years ago I made a decision to go away to college in another state…400 + miles from my childhood home in Boston, Massachusetts. I cannot live in “shoulda, woulda, coulda” land, but if you have read my blog you know I often write about my family and the place of my birth.

I have quite a happy life, family, friends, a career, etc, but I do often wonder about people from my past.

This past week several of my siblings came to town to visit. (That is a blog post in itself…still in the works.)

Three adult siblings with broad familial hips packed in the backseat of the Family Matriarch’s Toyota SUV.


They made me sit in the middle…I know it is a poor photo, but we were laughing hysterically as we all tried to buckle in safely.


My sister, Keary ( to the right in above photo) shared some photos from “I grew up in Jamaica Plain.” Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I logged onto Hubster’s Facebook and within seconds found a photo of my elementary school as well as a post from my first grade teacher. Naturally being a lurker inquisitive I clicked onto her page. She was one of maybe two lay teachers at my Catholic school at the time. I couldn’t believe it, but she had many candid photos of my fellow classmates from my first grade class.

Exactly how I remember the chalkboard in my first grade classroom.

me infirst grade

Me…front right…only girl in back row had a sleepover birthday in third grade…they told scary stories, I was up for weeks.

Sister Noreen’s* First Grade Class

classroom 1st grade (1)

How about that OBEY bulletin board in the back…I would never get away with that today. Requisite JFK portrait above the bulletin board. Until last year, I had one of those desks.

My first love…tall boy in the back row.

my first grade class

One of two boys taller than me through the eighth grade. Smart, practical, v-neck cardigan to die for…Notice the boy with crooked bow tie, I believe I was the first to diagnose his undiagnosed ADHD. No I am not a doctor, but I play one in my own home.  My best friend in school through fifth grade was second from the right in the front row…she moved away…total devastation. Several of these girls were in Girl Scouts and dance lessons with me. I was quite envious of the cat eye glasses on the girl in the front row back then…I hate my reading glasses now.  Graduated from high school with girl in red sweater.

Mrs. Buckland*…my teacher

teachers desk revised

Arrow is pointing to a portrait I created of a classmate who, through the power of alphabetical order, sat in front of me…Solidad P.* My first grade teacher’s desk looks much like my desk most school days. I wonder if the coveted gold stars are somewhere in that pile.

Sean*: Neighborhood Buddy…

…when he wasn’t threatening to punch me in the face because we made him “be the father” that went off to work when we played house in my backyard. His sisters were wonderful playmates…he was less than cooperative toward our plans.

scott davidson

Front and center is Solidad…I know you’re thinking my portrait in the previous photo was a dead ringer. Solidad, Sean and I were “lifers” at our school because we started in 1st grade and walked across the stage for 8th grade graduation.

My former teacher has posted many more photos, but I don’t want to bore you with every 45 year old detail. Today all I can think about is what happened to these people…so I pose the question…

To Facebook or not to Facebook?

That is the question.

Day 176…4 days to go.


* names changed to protect the innocent


  1. janey says:

    Not I…..saild the little red hen.

    have you seen all the teachers losing their jobs because of something they posted on their fb page? Oh …. that would have so been me. Very glad FB was not around when I was teaching. this big ol’ mouth would have gotten me in so much trouble!!

    • Beemie says:

      The exact reason you give for not having a Facebook page is the number 1 reason why I do not…so if I decide to jump on board I will need to shut my mouth. Many of the teachers who joined have private accounts.

  2. TS says:

    As long as you don’t post about school/students and aren’t “friends” with parents (at least not until after you are done teaching their children) you will be fine. Yes to Facebook!

    • Beemie says:

      I think I may take the leap once school is out. Two half days…I still can’t beleive you are not with us…PS and DP retire tomorrow.

    • Beemie says:

      Ha-ha…I already knew your answer…wasjust about to jump on when “faced” with another FACEBOOK issue… a name that only those who know me could find…so many already exist with my real name and even more the name I was going with for my faux name.

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