Almost done…

… 9 days to go.

This past week we took our students to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. It is a wonderful place to visit with the mansion, outbuildings, view of the Potomac River, gardens, grounds, museum and inn.

My photo doesn’t do the mansion justice.


It was cloudy and misty all day, but we made the best of it.

Like the rest of society while impressed with the above mentioned sights, our students were most interested in when they would have a chance to visit the gift shop. Of course, we didn’t let them down.

Mount Vernon has three fabulous gift shops.


Not one of our students purchased a bust of George Washington, but they did purchase pencils with GW’s likeness, rulers with the 44 US Presidents, and plenty of other tchotchkes that they have already left behind on the bus or attached to a book bag.

 A little something for the teacher.


I did not purchase, but it caught my eye.

Another gem or tweleve that grabbed my attention.


A little too expensive for this teacher.

Our students were also impressed with the fact that we travelled I-95 in two luxury busses on the 90 minute ride to Mount Vernon. Most had never been on this type of transportation so it is quite a treat. In truth it is a treat for the teacher also because we watch a movie to pass the time in both directions…of course as luck would have it the DVD players were not working and….

…on the ride home we were fortunate to experience a little thing called a check engine light.


A little pit stop for 66, 10-11 year olds and many of their parent chaperones.

We all lived to tell about it and they have a very special memory…one that I hope you get to enjoy someday.

It really is worth the trip.

You know the countdown and hooray …it’s the weekend.



  1. TS says:

    When I was in 5th or 6th grade we were coming back from either Philly or West Point and we were singing “I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee,” and right as we got to the line about mom being home the bus broke down on the side of the highway. I don’t recall if the bus driver had a “car phone” or not, but I believe we all packed onto the other bus with the rest of the class in order to get home. The stuff you can get away with in the 90’s! Enjoy your weekend…you’re almost there!

    • Beemie says:

      Oh my that must have been quite a comfy ride home…fortunatley for us the bus driver was able to reset “something” and we were on our way. Unfortunatley, everyone was wide awake the whole ride home.

  2. Marsha Cannon says:

    It’s been several years since I visited Mt. Vernon but the memories are just as fresh as if it were yesterday! I loved everything about it. Glad you all made it home safely and now on with the countdown!

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