The Beach House

There is something about spending time at the beach that makes you lust after dream of a place to call your own by the seaside. Everyone seems happy at the beach, carefree if you will. No shoes, no shirt (unless you’re a lady), no problems!

beach chairs


My mother never wanted a beach house because she believed there would be more work for her. Perhaps when all of us were younger there would have been truth in her argument, but it probably would have meant more time spent together as a family as we grew older, took on more of the responsibility of the home and had children of our own. Since I was the youngest it was hard to watch her mourn as each of the older children went off to live their life. A beach house would have been a place to gather during summer months and bring us back together much like my time spent with the Family Matriarch over July 4.

Last week while the Hubster and I were in Ocean City, Maryland; I began to dream once again.


Here is what the dream looked like:


Nothing too pretentious...

Nothing too pretentious…


Some beach house must haves:


An outdoor shower: keeping sand where it belongs outside….

outdoor shower

A bunk room for the visiting kids: sleeping children a beautiful thing


A large dinner table: for dining, games and conversation

Wonder if this comes in large extended Catholic family size

Wonder if this comes in large extended Catholic family size


A flag pole: to demonstrate pride of country

This is a nice house also...and the flag is up and flying

This is a nice house also…and the flag is up and flying

Since I am a person who does like to dream, I know that in reality a beach house = big bucks so I told the Hubster and now I am informing the Son-sters of my plan. I feel it is full proof moneymaker. Some of you may even want to get on board with the idea so that you too can own a beach house of your own complete with outdoor shower, bunk room,  large dining table and American flag.

Sound investments for small buy-in price and check out the beauty I received in the mail for no money down: WINNING NUMBER FOUND


I can feel the sand in my toes right now…subscription to Coastal Living here I come.


A great book I read last summer although I think it is a few years old: Maine

Four women…one family…one beach house



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