Me, My “Selfie”,…

… and I.

Let’s start backwards….I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. With the help of a former student on Saturday; we now have six yards of mulch spread throughout the grounds (sounds like the White House, but really just a split level). The pots have been “potted” with geraniums, impatiens, vinca vine, alyssum, lobelia, and petunias. In addition, the Boston ferns have returned to the place of prominence in hanging baskets in the front of the house and on the deck. I still have to put to make the vegetable garden shine, especially since Hubster turned the garden over a few weeks back with manure.

As I continue to work backwards…My “Selfie”

A gift from #1 Son-ster


Son-ster #1 has begun to recognize that his mother is quite prominent in the blogging world…after-all I do have 18 subscribers and on any given post day have upwards of double digit clicks to the site.

I have taken a selfie in the past, but I have not had much success….

See what I mean…



#1┬ásuggested the importance of a good “selfie” to a post can make or break a story. I tend to agree, so here is my “selfie” on the deck on Sunday.

Using my new gift


Apparently, I can extend the pole on this to over a full yard away. I did not use full extension here.

I intend to make good use of the full length of this pole as I believe it will make me look thinner and younger. Have no fear you will never see a “Kim Kardashian” rear. If I have a nice pedicure, well then maybe my toes.

Presenting: The Toes


I had hoped the flower pots would camouflage the ankles, but alas that piece of trick photography was useless.

Finally, on to me…I suppose it has been all all about me.

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday. Hubster and I met #1 Son-ster and Bertie for brunch in the city. Our first venture downtown since before the riots. It was eerily quiet for a beautiful Sunday in May, but I suppose that was to be expected as I believe it will take a great deal of time before some return.

A small park in the Mount Vernon neighborhood


#1 and Bertie know the owner of the restaurant where we ate our delicious brunch. The owner told us his business was down 90% last weekend and he didn’t have high hopes for this weekend as the place should have been packed on Mother’s Day.

Outside after brunch


Side walk tables empty on an absolutely picture perfect day

At least we didn’t have to worry about the paparazzi.


We make our own paparazzi.

Hubster and Sons-sters demonstrated their continued adoration with cards and gifts.


Promises of cleaning out the closets in the “Garage Mahal” continue.

I will not hold my breath.

Happy Tuesday!

Day 154…only 26 days remain.

I can almost hear a Hallelujah Chorus…however it is quite faint.



  1. TS says:

    You. Can. Make. It. 26 days? By now it’s down to 25. Wait, I’m writing after 4:00 so it should be 24. And if you count like AB by the time it’s 8:35, you’re down to 23. Look how quickly that just went by! Glad you had a beautiful Mother’s Day. Sorry it’s so dismal downtown.

    • Beemie says:


      If you sent a separate email…no I did not get it. Obviously have received your comment. Hope everything is ok.

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