Another Downton?

…not really.

Several weeks ago I saw an ad for a show on Acorn TV. The program was described as a Downton Down Under…I had my doubts, but I asked the Hubster to try to find it.  Low and behold he was successful.


I have to admit it had a slow start for me, but before you know it we were hooked…there are two seasons and I just discovered there will be a third.  To quote the promo  from Acorn, “… an addictive drama brimming with secrets, passion, romance, and intrigue.  It explores the ties that hold families together and the betrayals that can tear them apart.”

We started watching a couple of weeks back and finished the last two episodes over the weekend. We watch Acorn TV through our Roku, but I am fairly certain it is also avaible through Chromecast and other online streaming.

The three characters pictured above are a few of the “good guys” of the show…the blonde reminds the Hubster and I of my niece and namesake.

Present Day..her Facebook photo



Her wedding 2001


Beemie and the bride, my namesake.

It was a glorious weekend weather-wise. I am exhausted as I am writing this post because Hubster and I completed a purge in the garage and outdoor gardening & power-washing. If I can muster up the strength later this week you may read about it.

Day 146 …only 34 more to go.

(Please know the count down is a coping strategy to control what little is left of my sanity.)

Happy Monday and another round of testing begins this week.

Oh the joy!



    • Beemie says:

      I am taking that as a compliment…she is still as thin as the day she was married…unfortunately heredity and food have caught up to me.

      • Denise says:

        And they will with her as well in time! Btw I got an email from UserBase asking me to vote your blog. I’m a little leery of clicking on anything I don’t know about or something you haven’t asked your legion of followers to vote for.

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