Who knew?

…it’s National Siblings Day!

I had no idea this holiday even existed as sibling rivalry love was evident everyday with my own two Son-sters.

They are grown and flown …living many miles apart, but I do hope they take this message with them wherever they go. It was the same message my mother instilled to my siblings and me.

siblingsA blast from the past:


Hard to believe that #2 is taller than #1 now…

Here’s another message to my Son-sters and my own siblings:

big family

Here is a kindergarten view of my family:


family art

We were quite a good looking bunch back in 1967…It is evident that I knew shoulder pads would be the “in” thing someday.

A dead ringer for the above art work.

the crew

Just over twenty years ago…The Milkman’s 75th.

If you have a sibling reach out and touch him or her, you might just make his/her (and in my case, their) day.

Happy National Siblings Day.



  1. Denise says:

    How appropriate! The ‘Baby’ of the family – Mom’s favorite of course – is visiting for a couple of days! Will wish him a Happy Happy.

      • Denise says:

        Lol slight misunderstanding. ‘Baby’ is my brother aka ‘Moms Favorite’ but you would know all about that. I am the eldest with all the hang ups associated.

        • Beemie says:

          Now makes perfect sense…especially the part about being the favorite…I was/am the baby, but my brother “Baby Boy” was always a favorite. Sorry about the hang ups…comes with the territory..just ask my Family Matriarch.

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