Did someone say…

…road trip?

As a matter of fact someone did…and it was Hubster. The original plan for the weekend included a FUN RUN on Saturday morning somewhere in lower Delaware. I, being of sound mind and body convinced Hubster that after spending 4 hours in the car Friday evening for what is normally a 3 hour tour  trip and a late bedtime, 11 pm; that running in a race disguised as FUN at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning was probably not safe. Thankfully, he agreed and instead we spent time leisurely relaxing in Ocean City, Maryland.

View from the Atlantic Ocean

Our room was oceanfront on the 10th floor.

Ocean City is very quiet at this time of year and although spring had sprung on Friday we woke to a cold morning on Saturday. Because the race plan was cancelled  Hubster thought we should spend some quality time in the workout room. For the record, I was not running in the FUN RUN, but I did exercise. I spent 10 minutes pedaling on the elliptical machine before I realized it wasn’t working or more than likely I didn’t know how to turn it on.

What I thought I looked like for the first 5 minutes….




This dream was nice while it lasted.

 Anyway, I gave up and moved over to the recumbent bike…after 45 minutes, I still did not look like the gal in the photo above.

Oh well, I knew that I could find a cure for my slimming blues…shopping.

First, I suggested we  head over to Berlin, MD…it is only about 15 minutes west of Ocean City and has a quaint Main Street loaded with gift and antique style shops.


My three favorite shops were Victorian Charm, Ta Da and Sisters. FYI…Runaway Bride (1999) filmed here.

Because Hubster didn’t get to RUN for FUN he needed to get a fix at the Under Armor  Outlet.

under armor

He was the one who suggested the outlets and I can’t help it if we had to park close to the Coach Factory.


Have no fear…I am not sure what the designers were thinking, but I did not purchase any fluorescent neon.

I purchased two bags…


This one, basic black is a must have classic…it was on sale…it called out my name.

Next, we hit the Bass Outlet…I do have a suggestion when outlet shopping… be sure to bring a pack mule.

FullSizeRender (2)

Hubster is such a good sport…he did buy a new pair of loafers after he hauled all my stuff to the register.

Finally, we made it to the whole reason for going to the outlets in the first place…Under Armor.

Naturally, when we  walked in the sales team recognized that Hubster was an elite runner and that I had clearly spent a full 55 minutes working out that morning so when Hubster purchased his six pack of moisture “wicking” socks and two moisture “wicking” running shirts, they of course asked for my email address. I haven’t checked my inbox yet, but I’m certain they would like to know all about our training routine.

On Saturday night we ate at Hubster’s favorite ( I like it also, but I want him to think it was all about him) Mexican restaurant.


Salsa made fresh every day.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a 9 pm bedtime…don’t want to change our routine too much and risk ruining all the exercise.


Sunday morning sunshine.

Last stop before heading home…


Best bagels south of NYC…REALLY!

We drove up Route 1 toward Rehoboth, DE…there is a stretch of beach where building is not permitted. I love that view.


Not a great photo, but other than the road it is unspoiled beach.

Upon arrival home we discovered the nandina, euonymus and azalea out in front were quite bare. The dear netting that was wrapped around it had been stripped away as well. It seems our local herd of deer  knew we were out of town.

When I went to throw some of our weekend laundry into the washer I looked out the window toward the backyard and this is what I saw:

We counted thirteen in all…


Completely unfazed by our presence.


Look at the one staring me down.

My own children never had this many guests when we went out of town.

Have a great Monday…next stop Home Depot for some Liquid Fence…it stinks, but it works.



  1. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    I love get away weekends but they definitely are more fun when you don’t return to garden that has been chewed bare! Still, the shopping and scenery look like they made for an enjoyable trip. Kudos to you and Hubster for passing on the Fun Run but still being responsible adults making use of the work out room.
    PS I would definitely have to stop if I saw a restaurant called Tequila Mockingbird!

    • Beemie says:

      I do wish there was more weekend getaways and less deer to enjoy our once lush “green-scape”…Hubster has another run in May and this one is not disguised as FUN.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in.

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