The Third Wheel turns…

…39 again.

(Whatever…you were born in 1963!)

Peggy Anne and I met in April of 1981…we were introduced by the college basketball coach and have been friends ever since. We moved into our dorm room in late August, 1981. She dragged me to a mixer at Towson University four days later and that is where I met the Hubster.

I am three months older and she will admit I have always been the wiser and the one who put safety first…you’re welcome.

Our freshman dorm room…for the record the drinking age in Maryland was 18.


See what I mean about safety first…protective eye wear and the photo of John Paul II above the door. I didn’t want us taking any chances.

 Memorial Day weekend 1982…Ocean City, Maryland


I was headed back to Boston and she was residing and working in OC for the summer…good grief we were pale and thin.

Sophomore Year….


I don’t want to brag, but someone had a book and it looks like there were notes….I think we were actually studying. Not sure who brought the miniatures, but obviously for medicinal purposes only.

We did have great costumes for Sing-Song.


Sing-Song was a “friendly” musical competition among the four classes to keep idle Catholic women out of trouble during Lent.

Do you remember philosophy class?…Trying desperately to stay awake.


This is you…but not in front of our philosophy building which also was the education, business and religious education building…this was the big time…when we were considering our transfer to Harvard.

Another Sing-Song


Once again keeping Catholic women out of trouble during Lent.

You survived Spring Break without me….

corinne104 edited

Look we made the yearbook.

This was the last place we shared a return address…


Our college has since changed its name to one carefully chosen with university in the name and a much better choice given the acronym for the old name….C.O.N.D.O.M…..

Happy Birthday Peggy Anne!

I still have plenty of photos for the next 39 years, but most remain in the vault. Your parents are still with us.


Hubster says Happy Birthday to you, his favorite third wheel.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    First of all, I think they should bring back the acronym!!! You two should form an alum group to Bring Back the name! Absolutely priceless. Aren’t old friends just the best!

    • Beemie says:

      Indeed…old friend who are young at heart. We keep the acronym close to our hearts…it used to make the nuns cringe.

  2. Peggy Ann says:

    To the Best Roommate EVER,
    I don’t know that I could recieve a better birthday gift. I have shared this with family and friends, as it is definitely share-worthy.
    Thank you for the wonderful memories and great story.
    Peggy Ann

  3. janey says:

    awwwww….ya got me smilin’ with this one! My college roommate is just as special to me and OMG….the old piics? Priceless. We don’t get to see each other often enough but when we do….it’s like we’ve never left each other’s side…
    Nothing like good friends…..they complete life!

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