86 the lamb…

…plenty of lion.


I really could get used to the “sleeping in” lifestyle, but without the nasty ¬†weather. Our school system closed school for today last night so I was able to lumber in bed until 6:40 am; a real luxury. Usually by this time of year the students begin to start wearing shorts on the first warm day and we also spot the occasional flip-flop. Recess is a much needed respite for students and teachers alike.

Instead here is the playground…

20150304_155539 (1)

This is not the view from my classroom….I have a view of the parking lot…my view is actually a good thing because I am prepared for a fire drill the moment I spot a fire truck pull onto the lot. Also, I am closer to my car at the end of the day.

It seems it is still too early in the month to expect lamb…no worries, plenty of lion and not even weather related.

Cancel the safari park trip…


Enjoy your Thursday!

Hubster will have dinner, cooked by me (no lamb or lion will be served)…what a treat!



  1. TS says:

    1. It was super windy yesterday as Special K, LJ, and I were out and about and I was telling her how March was coming in like a lion…giggles ensued at mommy “being so silly.” Nice to know we are on the same page despite being 300 miles apart.
    2. I spotted a neighbor in shorts AND flip flops yesterday. Being that the last time I had a pedicure was on April 15th (I went with blue for, hopefully obvious reasons), I won’t be busting my flops out for a bit longer. Don’t be too jealous though, despite being 72 yesterday, it went from 59 down to 36 between my preschool drop off and pick up. Mother Nature seems to suffer some mania in the Carolinas.
    3. Thanks for the picture of the playground…from that POV, it reminds me of my walks back from the bistro.
    4. Speaking of Mother Nature, I think she doesn’t want testing just as much as the teachers, students, anyone with a vested interest in the betterment of education, and everyone with common sense.

    Enjoy the four day weekend!

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