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Hubster and I drove up to Newark, Delaware on Saturday to go out to Lupper (lunch+ supper) with our favorite third wheel, Peggy Anne. We were supposed to go last weekend, but as mentioned previously, weather kept us home.

On the drive up I-95 I took a few photos …as you know through past posts I am quite the photographer with my iphone so get ready to be dazzled.

Looking southeast as the Susquehanna River flows into the upper Chesapeake Bay…


Yes, that is ice on the river. Photo taken while Hubster safely had two hands on wheel at 60-ish mph.

The first time I took this route was in early April, 1981 in my father’s navy blue Ford Fairmont. My parents and I were returning from a reception for accepted students at my college. It was that weekend that I met Peggy Anne. We were both basketball players and our coach, a very handsome man, encouraged us to become roommates. Thanks, Coach…(not sarcasm).

On that first drive up this route way back when I spotted this sign a little further up the road near Elkton, Maryland….

I did take a photo on Saturday, but the reflection from the snow made it difficult to read the sign…


I have always been curious about this sign & origin of OLOH and white brick plain building that sits on the side of the I-95. If you want to read about it….photo and background story is credited to the Order’s website.

Personally, I feel safer already because I have an 8th grade diploma, a high school diploma and a BA from schools with Our Lady/Notre Dame in their names. My Master’s degree was from a public university, but I think Our Lady is okay with that…I am.

Speaking of,


Newark, Delaware is a college town…home of the University of Delaware. Peggy Anne’s, eldest son, Curt is currently a senior at UD and set to graduate sometime this year. Her #2, Jackson, is a sophomore at WVU. Her #3 son, Kyle is a senior in high school. Kyle volunteered to drive us to and from Lupper because we knew we were going to have this famous Margarita…



Midway through beverage and Lupper…we spotted Kyle, who dropped us off at the locale, frantically walking through the restaurant. Naturally, Peggy Anne and I jumped to the worst possible conclusion that something was wrong. We called him over to us…

For a very nice change…nothing was wrong…after dropping us off, he went back home and checked the mail….

Dear Prospective Student:

Welcome to the University of Delaware…


Time to return Jackson’s sweatshirt. What a great moment for mother and son!

My favorite memory  of this new matriculant, was of a 4 year old, Kyle crying at the door of the beach house…”Mom, (sniffle, sniffle) Mom…Curt and Jackson just phrew (threw) my favorwit (favorite) pocket knife in the marsh.” As Peggy Anne began screaming at the older two for throwing the knife I was more wondering why no one was concerned that a 4 year old had a favorite pocket knife.  No need to call the department of social services, it wasn’t a pocket knife…it was a pen that Kyle though was a pocket knife.

Now onto more important things:


Good Wife is back…

good wife

Haven’t seen it yet…we DVR-ed it. Did you know that Alicia’s hair is a wig? Read here.

Madame Secretary…


I enjoy this show…even though I hope this is not how problems are solved in this country….her eldest daughter, Stevie is a brat…get your butt back in college.

Better Call Saul…


This was a Hubster choice and so far I approve…expected not to like this because it was a spin -off of Breaking Bad…which I grew tired of watching.



Another Hubster choice… “two different crimes in one”…I don’t think I spoiled anything with that comment.

Season Finale: Downton…


Again: DVR-ed…so I know nothing at this point will watch tonight.

Happy Monday…Ice Day…no school …I am thrilled. This storm even kept Hubster home until about 8 am. His car skidded across the court and out on to the pavement of the main road…he arrived safely.

I will happily sew…Project Snow Day lives on…


Our PTA has an auction in April…trying to make a few outfits to place in the auction.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    I love Good Wife too but didn’t see it because I watched DA and it was SOOOOOOOO good. Btw – Tea Leoni is dating her show husband. Sista told me. Also, Beemie if you come to visit the FM this summer, will you make time for a lunch with Denise and me?? I HAVE to meet you… you are too funny.

    • Beemie says:

      I definitely want to go to lunch. I am hoping that by the time I get up there the snow/ice/winter will be done. Looking at some dates now. I will keep you posted.

  2. TS says:

    Sounds like the swelling has gone down. Glad you’re getting some time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life…framily, TV, and snowing! Sorry you’ll be in school until my birthday (mid July). Also…I HATE that damn bridge in MD and I’ve often wondered about that Lady as well.

    • Beemie says:

      I knew a good Catholic girl like you would be happy to have that mystery solved…next we need to establish Our Lady of Standardized Tests…pass the collection plate and #2 pencils.

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