50 Shades of Swollen…

… a stress story.


stay strong

As mentioned here a while back…I tend to let stress and anxiety get to me once in a while. No matter how much self-talk I initiate in my brain, the glue which sometimes holds it together just doesn’t seem to work and cracks appear; or in my case: ANGIOEDEMA

This is not me…Hubster did take a photo of my face and I shared it with Peggy Anne, the Family Matriarch and two colleagues, but I can’t bring myself to post it in my blog, so thank you random girl on the internet.


This is a case of Angioedema.

I know what you are thinking …how can she let herself get so stressed that she looks like she has a bad case of Lisa Rinna lip. It is easy…you allow things you have no control over to rule your brain. You care too much for people (my students) that it makes you physically ill.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my lip was swollen. Two years ago to the date the same thing happened to me and Hubster drove me to the ER thinking I had some kind of allergic reaction to food as he watched my face continue to inflate faster than a clown making wacky  balloon animals.

balloon crown

Perhaps if a crown appeared I would have been okay with it.

 I have only been to the ER a few times in my life…

  • concussion during high school basketball practice…wait time 3+ hours with coaches and nuns
  • stitches for a nine year old, Son-ster #2… wait time 5+ hours (sliced opened toe while jumping off the kitchen counter to retrieve something up high…no, I did not permit my boys to climb on or jump off kitchen counters…that was his poor choice… occurred on St. Patrick’s Day around 4 pm…ER a bit busy with other members of society who lack self-control while consuming green beer, Irish Whiskey and singing, When Irish Eyes are Smilin‘…by the way don’t knock the green beer, we are pretty certain this was how Son-ster #1 was created)
  • whooping cough fit in school during American Education Week…plenty of parents and students to witness me fainting then going out in ambulance…made the news (not kidding, slow news day)…immediately given a triage bay, but then waited an hour to be seen
  • swollen face…no one even asked my name before administering antihistamine through IV

It seems if you enter the ER with a swollen face and have not just been in a boxing match you are immediately whisked to the back on a magic gurney ride while a nurse locates a vein that is not varicose in order to get a pic line in you that will leave an epic bruise for weeks on end.

Anyway after all the swelling went down, I waited a week to see an allergist who determined it was idiopathic angioedema brought on by being desserts stressed. So here I sit today, once again 50 Shades of Swollen; hopped up on Benadryl.

It is another snow day so I am happy to report that I will not be responsible for any therapy my students may require due to my appearance.

No ER needed this time around and I have come to the conclusion (not that I did not know this before), but enough already.

I need to be my  own Tony Soprano…



This is much easier said than done…and I won’t start smoking a cigar or leading a life of crime. I will continue to enjoy pasta and a little prosciutto, now and then.


Up until now, my strategy for dealing with stress has been:



one day

Or  I get by with a little help from my friends:


Don’t worry I do not over-indulge…sometimes I skip the salt…want to keep my blood pressure in perfect condition.

I really wish the following when stress occurs:


Read here to see what I mean.

plot twist

…but, no

hair dog

I don’t think a cute hairstyle such as this will even begin to disguise the puffy me.

Have a wonderful Thursday…I will go back to school tomorrow …I might try wearing a puffy vest to compensate for the puffy face.

puffy vest

This one has a hood…a better place to hide.

 Enjoy your today…while I bask in the glow of  anti-inflammatory medication.

Next time you see me:


Miracles do happen.



  1. TS says:

    Your students are in excellent hands. I know this for a fact. Plus, think about this test…supposedly designed to help move education forward, but it’s name actual means to stop and stay in one place. Why kind of nonsense is that?! It’s just like the year I had a principal hand out dum-dums to all the students on the first day of testing. What a message…I had to tell them all it was Opposite Day and that eating the dum-dums would make them smart-smart. Just a few more weeks and you can go back to real teaching. Until then, enjoy your Benadryl cocktail!

    • Beemie says:

      Every once and a while we need a good dose of TS wisdom and your well-educated vocabulary of a sailor to keep us moving forward and out of the ER. I am glad you are where you are right now…a much better place.

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