Cabin Fever…

…remember when we were dreaming of a white Christmas.

We were supposed to have 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday ending with about a half inch of freezing rain. Instead, we had 10 inches of snow followed by a pound of rain so that every shovelful felt like you were lifting a frozen Thanksgiving turkey, 20+ pounder.

Anyway, Hubster did most of the heavy lifting…I tried to convince him that this storm was snow blower worthy, but NO, he said the exercise was needed. Thank goodness we had plenty of wine and salt.


As I am writing it is Oscar Night…just so you know I am currently wearing my favorite pair of Victoria Secret flannel PJ’s and I blew my hair out earlier today so with all the snow exercise and wine drinking, I am feeling and looking marvelous.

See what I mean…

red carpet ready

Not really me…but take away 30 years, 30 pounds, and put me in a dream… it’s a dead ringer.

Many of my teaching colleagues are already talking delay for tomorrow…this would be nice because then I would be justified in staying up to watch a bit of the Oscars, but I can’t take a chance because the most wonderful time of the school year is impending…testing season. I am desperately trying to squeeze in all the measurement  and fraction lessons that are reasonably possible before the test.

This is part of the reason fractional measurement is challenging for students and adults alike….

no school edit

Anyway back to the Oscars…

I am not really rooting for anyone or any movie as most of the movies I enjoyed this past year were not even nominated and several that were nominated I did not enjoy.

Such is Hollywood and life…it is fun to see what everyone is wearing.

Hubster and I were supposed to visit Peggy Anne over the weekend, but the weather kept us home. We are not wimps, but we also enjoy our lower insurance rates so we stayed put…I sewed ala Project Snow Day and Hubster was able to catch up on all the On Demand viewing that does not suit my taste aka The Walking Dead or any other zombie type show/movie.

I hope you have a fabulous week…and if you are a parent of a child home for another frozen snow day…enjoy things could be worse.

Really…let it go!



    • Beemie says:

      I have already reduced swelling to more like Brandi Glanville lips now…as a matter of fact I had to run to the grocery store when our 2 inches of snow stopped…ran into an old friend…we were talking when she finally inquired, “Did you get Botox?” No mine was much cheaper, it’s called life.

      Thanks for your well wishes.

  1. Jennifer Mesaros says:

    I did not see the swollen lips today! I have never heard of that disorder before. I just learned something new. Hope you are feeling better and try to get some rest this weekend!

  2. janey says:

    Whoa Babee!!!!!!! THOSE are some lips, I tell ya. So sorry that you’re stressed. I feel your pain..I used to teach high school seniors. I learned how to de-stress — I retired!!!
    Hope you’re all better now!

    • Beemie says:

      Yes, indeed…my mantra is now: Que sera, sera. Woo-hoo for your retirement…hopefully my own will be sooner rather than later. I am much better now..Thanks.

  3. Keary says:

    Hi, Just went out two times yesterday for nonessential ventures. I’ve been limiting myself to one nonessential venture a day because to get out of the house and yard takes about a good 10 mins to get down the stairs and turn the cars around by the POULIN range then pass Mount Cornwall and out to the street!. We are still down to one lane on a two way street. I will say drivers are getting the hang of being more polite now and letting other cars pass. For a while I learned what a millimeter apart from another car truly meant!
    The picture of the North you have is truly what I’ve experienced. I worked every snow storm except the first one when the City of Boston dumped a 5 foot snow mound in my driveway but gave me permission as an essential worker to be on the roads.( Even the Forester wasn’t going to get through that).
    As an essential worker ( visiting nurse ) on the roads it’s not usually that bad because there is hardly anyone else crazy enough to be on the roads.
    It’s when they give the all clear you can start driving that it gets crazy. Cars trying to go fast on narrow streets is not fun! I have a mapped out route from my house to Centre that is one ways and I stick to it.
    How are you surviving your foot of snow? I see it’s almost Cherry Blossom time, do you think the snow will be melted by then?
    WE have a bet here I have April 5th, Laurette says April 10th and my friend Nancy say April 20th.
    Hows the Lip now? A few times I got a swollen eye lid. hasn’t happened in a while but it is scary looking.

    • Beemie says:

      Well…it seems you finally have the hang of this snow thing…it only took 53 years of living on the same street, but no time like the present. Our 10″ is beginning to melt, unfortunately toward the house, but Hubster ever the New Englander has already started digging “irri-melting” ditches toward the back of the house and down the valley to the stream. So sorry to hear about the Boston drivers…it doesn’t sound like much has changed in the driving department since my last visit..only the streets are narrower. Let me know how the bet at melting goes…I am hoping ours is gone by next week. Take care Keary…your essential worker services are always appreciated.

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