All I need is love…

… not going to lie, a little jewelry, sunny beach weather, and vacation would be nice also.

Hubster and I do not really celebrate V-day…it’s not that we are party poopers, but we celebrate our love all year. Now that I have that off my chest…

Here are a few things I love besides the Hubster,  Son-sters, family  and my home:

Nostalgic Movie

The Sound of Music


This movie has everything: music. large Catholic Family, Nuns (some memories are positive), sewing, good vs. evil, and Doe a Deer (the first song I learned to play on the piano)…anyone for a sing-along.


I could post numerous photos of food I love which would explain my plus size supermodel figure, which according to Sports Illustrated is a size 12.


The summer I graduated from college there was a lobster glut in New England…the cost was less than $1 per pound…my mother and I ate lobster every night of the week until the price went up. At the time, my body was no where near the size it is today thanks to youth.


umbrella beach

Sitting under an umbrella, listening to the waves, reading a fabulous book…no longer bikini body, but thanks to Lands End and its super power slender line suit no one has to roll me on or off the beach at this point. Sitting criss-cross applesauce would however, be a killer.

Sewing, when I find the time.


Hijacked the model Borrowed a doll again…made two of these outfits for two of my colleagues’ daughters for Valentine’s Day…head to toe…the boots are my favorite part…personally don’t think I could pull them off.



I usually don’t splurge on pedicures during the winter months…if I went in now I am pretty sure the power tools they would have to pull out to get my feet in shape would cause the power grid to brown out…I can’t have that on my conscience right now.

 Hope you have all the love you need…if not you can have some of mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



    • Beemie says:

      You too…better them then me…oh sorry I guess that includes you. Just a side note…cold air is better for your skin…just keep telling yourself this.

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