Mother Nature…

…loves me.

My school day alarm usually wakes me at 5:15 am…it is early, but I don’t like to feel rushed in the morning so I get up, look in the mirror, and jump in the shower.

Since I don’t want you to visualize this on your own I have provided you a photo.

early wake up

The only difference between me and this photo on a 5:15 am wake up is the daylight coming through the window.

This morning prior to the morning drone of the news radio that awakens me, Hubster who usually arises at a godforsaken hour of 4 am came back into the bedroom to whisper sweet somethings in my pre-wake up ear. This is what is said. (No Fear: totally G-rated).

“Good morning, my child bride and reason for being…you have a two-hour delay this morning.”

luxury wake up

If you think the transformation with two-hour delay is miraculous…you should see me on a snow day.

Snow day wake up…..Once again, I leave nothing to imagination…


Not really me, but supposedly this lovely lady and I are the same size…my belly button looks nothing like this….

Don’t be jealous…I have always known I was Mother Nature’s favorite child…thank you little ice storm (and my own imagination).


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