Matriarch and Kitchen King come to town…

…room and board for the wayward travelers.

As you know I played hookie on Friday, not really, but I am so glad I did. I miss my family and it is so glorious when I am able to visit them or when they come to me.

After spending a month in the Sunshine State and a cruise through the Panama Canal, they were ready to get back to the everyday action that retired life will mean for them. I am imagining, some TV, reading, walks, golf, beach, Florida, Words with Friends, cooking for family…repeat. Oh, and since their home state is Massachusetts, they were headed back to snow and a frozen house.

This was the scene that greeted two of their sons when they dutifully went to shovel out the house and thankful to find it still standing as the other side of the house is the Atlantic Ocean.


Cleaning living and Mass every Sunday gave them a boost in the power department…Yes, the lights were still on.

The hard work paid off…the Kitchen King can make it to the house so dinner parties will resume as usual.


Somebody forget to take the greens down before he/she rushed off to the warmth of the beaches of Naples.

They arrived to my home tanned and tired after  the trek from South Carolina where they stopped the evening before. It seems neither they nor the rest of the Hampton Inn slept very well during their one night stay…for some strange reason their car alarm kept going off even though no one was trying to steal the laundry they were bringing back from Florida. At the breakfast bar while making idle chatter with other guests who were bellying up to the waffle maker and complaining about the screeching alarm, they had to pretend that they had no idea who owned the offending vehicle. After downing a waffle and some coffee they  slithered out the rear door and continued heading north.

Not wanting to waste anytime; the Family Matriarch and I sent the Kitchen King off for a nap because we didn’t want our conversation interrupted by him he  looked a bit tired from watching the car from the lobby all night. Hubster arrived home and we sent him to get ready for dinner out because once again we didn’t want anyone disturbing our conversation.



We are the family bookends.

We had a delicious dinner. The Matriarch and I even let the guys participate in the conversation..when they could get a word in edgewise.


These two still debate as to who was my mother’s favorite son-in-law.

It was a short overnight visit…Hubster made our famous French crepes for breakfast and I packed chicken salad sandwiches for their trip up


Hopefully by the time they arrive home the ocean side of their house will be defrosted.


Thanks for stopping by…and especially thanks for not setting the car alarm.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    You and your sista are so cute! So funny about the car alarm, that sounds like something that would happen to us. So glad you had a great time. Since your bro-in-law didn’t have a chance to shovel, he’ll have plenty of opportunity today.l

    • Beemie says:

      Oh no, he already told my sister that he would take down the Christmas greenery and she could have the shoveling…we’ll see how that goes.

  2. Denise says:

    Thanks for the update. They are indeed fortunate nothing happened to their home and that two sons did such a great job of clearing the white stuff.
    BTW tell FM there is a law somewhere (my head perhaps) all Christmas paraphernalia must be removed and put away before the FL trip begins.

      • Denise says:

        TWO Christmas trees (one 9′ and the second 7′ – I forgot the table tree in kitchen so that’s 3 trees), dining room, laundry room, kitchen, candles in every window (22), white lights wrapped around the railing of a 30′ deck, 35′ of garland, lights and ribbon for inside railings, and misc. stuff to be put away before we left and I had 35 people for Christmas as well as house guests who left that Sat. Husband provides the muscle to bring the trimmings to the basement but I do the rest. THATs what the nuns (SSJ like you) taught me! Can’t leave till it’s all away. That’s my retirement!

        • Beemie says:

          I feel you have met your exercise quota for 2015 with this routine. Just think only 10 1/2 months before you put it all back up again. Those SSJ knew how to run a tight ship.

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