Playing Hookie…

… if only it were that easy.

I spent two and one-half hours after school yesterday writing sub plans and drove home during a snowstorm in order to take a personal day today. The first full personal day I have taken in my teaching career. I have a good reason…my sister, The Family Matriarch and her husband, the Kitchen King are spending the night here in Maryland on their way back  from Florida to the great white tundra/deep freeze of Massachusetts…hopefully to a home that is still standing after coastal flooding has caused destruction to so many homes in their town. Since their home sits directly ocean front our fingers are crossed.


This photo from 4th of July weekend, 2014…the street side of the house.

This was the view from the ocean side of the house the day after Hurricane Arthur which occurred on the 4th of July.


There is an American flag out on the rocks.

Anyway, what will be will be, but I am very excited about spending time with both of them, even though brief. They will be here early this afternoon so I’d better get back to what I was doing in order to prepare for their visit.


Happy all of you.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Have fun with your Sista, Beemie. I hae a feeling there will be lots of laughing involved. Love your sista’s house- hope its in good shape…Enjoy every minute of sista time. I hope when you visit in the summer you will squeeze me in for a lunch.

  2. Denise says:

    Ditto on Katie’s thoughts. Fingers crossed for their home. Please keep us updated.
    Family Matriarch and Kitchen King really didn’t plan their return well……..

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