The Weekend Stuff…

…from Monday’s back to work point of view.

The slipcovers are still in a holding pattern (pun slightly intended). I have not found the fabric and my plan to visit a shop about 20 miles from home was thwarted by an ice storm on Saturday. While not the worst ice storm I’ve ever lived through it was still significant and enough to keep this native New England-er off the road.


Here in Maryland a winter storm is the equivalent of the above image.

I watched  a few more episodes of The Missing and the entire mini-series, Olive Kitteridge. Having never read the book  of the latter and not an inkling of the story line I was left mostly depressed. The acting was superb, but I kept hoping for some redeeming quality in Olive.


This look was her demeanor during the entire mini-series.

I am also up to date on Downton…Gillingham and Mary…what’s a proper girl to do? My mother would have said, “She made her bed, now she can lie in it.”

lady mary

Good times memory of my mother..Catholic infused guilt.

I wish had more to to offer, but writing 42 report card comments (which are now complete) has proved to literally suck any creative writing ability I may have had for the next few days.

Good luck to my friends and family in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The blizzard of ’78 was one for the record books, thankfully we survived…I am hoping the next day or so measures nothing even close. As a side note this school teacher wouldn’t mind a two-hour delay.


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