Not Enough Time…

…but no complaints.

I had a list of things to do, however 100% success was not met.

Lights off the bushes: check (although the electric outlet stakes are frozen in the ground)

take down

Don’t be too impressed…these are not my lights…my lights are rolled in a ball: however in a container.

Pie Baked: check (although not crack pie…instead buttermilk pie)


Yes, this is my pie…I haven’t tasted it yet, but don’t worry still plenty of week left to enjoy a slice.

TV watching: check (still no Olive Kittridge or Silicon Valley)

Rented Boyhood…while I was impressed with the time it took to make this movie and the growth of most of the characters, I felt a bit depressed in the end.


Downton Abbey is really heating up…wondering what is going to happen to Lady Edith and Marigold, loving the Dowager and the Russian.


For once…speechless.

I watched lots of other mindless TV and napped a bit in between.

Shopping: Check…It was my intention to use my gift cards this weekend, but instead I spent actual cash.

I visited TJMaxx…massive clearance sale …thrilled with my $15 clearance rug for our bathroom…very cushy when we step out of the shower.


If possible, visualize perfectly pedicured toes and buffed heels…even though in truth power tools will be required to get my feet in shape.

I managed to walk out of ¬†two fabric stores without any fabric…this may be a record for me.

Back to school today, but feel much better than last week. Just want to warn all…the quarter ends on Friday, that means I enter the report card world again. Cross your fingers for some inspiration on my part as report card comments tend to drain the brain.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    I was so disappointed with Boyhood. I just don’t get it. Up to speed on Downton. Your pie looks yummy!! Even tho you didn’t do a lot on your list, you got a lot done. Love the rug. Have a great week!!

  2. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    I love everything about the Dowager Countess. What about the way she handled Sprat’s comment about seeing Lady Mary coming out of the hotel in Liverpool. One tough gal! Good luck with report cards!!

    • Beemie says:

      The Dowager is a quick comeback gal…Thanks for the good luck with report cards…my brain is already shutting down thinking about it.

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