C’mon get happy…

It is really FRIDAY…

Sorry for shouting.

girl 3

Not me, but could be could be me….puddle and all.

I have been waiting for this day since 5:15 am on Monday morning…I do not like to wish my life away, but this three day weekend is much needed per Wednesday’s premature post.

There will be baking.

crack pie

Crack pie…found on Pinterest last week…there is still some space in my jeans so I feel the need to fill the void.

There will be serious TV watching.

Not sure about either of these, but somehow in my sheltered life as an elementary school teacher I was not informed of these two fictional worlds of which I know absolutely nothing…thank you Golden Globes; however I will be the final judge of whether or not they are for me.

olive k


There will be the final Christmas take down…aka remove the lights from the bushes out front.

removing the lights

As much as it feels good to finally put everything away, there is a little melancholy involved.

Shopping…woo-hoo… I have several gift cards burning a whole in my pocket.


Oops wrong photo.


Yes, this is the store…will probably score an eight pack of paper towels with the card I have. I am not complaining I love Bounty select-a-size.

Also here…some people really know how to buy for me, thanks TD.

Jo Ann

60% off home dec fabric…Can someone say window treatments or slip covers? Match the sale price with my teacher discount it is almost as if I have won the lottery…key word: ALMOST

Hope everyone has a grand weekend!



  1. Denise says:

    Sounds like a fabulous plan! I’m exhausted just reading it though pie/tv are speaking to my name.
    Have a great weekend!

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