Beside Myself…

See, there are two of me…

twin smiles

Obviously not really me, but was feeling quite youthful and full of glee.

Tuesday morning I awoke to my 5:15 am wake up call…ouch. The reality of returning to school had settled and I finally wiped my tears from the Monday drag my body back in and teach my brains out day. Tuesday would mean seriously getting back into the routine, but no…the weather gods called for SNOW…a dirty four letter word for lots of folks, but sometimes a wondrous four letter word that rolls off my lips with such delight I can’t help, but feel beside myself. The first sign of pending elation came with the announced two-hour delay. My brain began to think of how our schedule would change and what lessons would be postponed. I savored my coffee when suddenly to what did my wandering eyes just see, but a miniature listing that schools would be closed. (sorry no rhyme)

I sprang from my seat in front of the TV and changed my clothes to a more comfortable yoga pants, slippers and “slothy” but warm top. The day was mine. I won’t bore you with the details of first completing some lessons plans, but should the administration read this they will know that my day was not a total loss and I thought of my students first.

I texted the Hubster and told him to sit down before reading because I didn’t want him to faint when he read that I would be cooking dinner on a school night. Later he stated that he was glad he sat down, had taken all morning medications and was wearing his reading glasses because he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The flexible schedule of Tuesday was as follows:

1) Blog reading

Found the above three blogs and added to my fun blogs page.

2) TV watching


I wanted to watch a few On Demand programs, but was afraid I would be sucked in and then my brain would be sucked out.

3) Sewing

Project Snow Day Begins…Part Deux (Part One here)


4) Shoveling

No photos, because it wasn’t pretty.

5) Cooking and Baking

Chicken Pot Pie


Not my pie, but truth be told it looked as good and it was delicious.

Hot Milk Cake ( hello, milkman’s daughter here)


Not my cake…my cake fell apart when Hubster tried to shake it from its baking vessel. Don’t worry we will eat it anyway.

It’s Wednesday, two-hour delay, pork loin in crock pot (sorry Hubster should have warned you to sit down before reading),…back to reality…indoor recess, frigid temperatures…will be teaching my brains out again, but with a little more pep in my step…although will tread lightly…it’s slick out there.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Denise says:

    So glad for you to have a “S” day. I don’t utter the word because it is a four letter word which a lady doesn’t use.
    Lol we’re on the same page for reading enjoyment – I have been a follower of all four of your fun blogs for a year or so. In fact, there might be an outside chance that you and Mo might be in the Beantown area at the same time this summer. If Katie isn’t off on a modeling assignment perhaps we can all meet up.

      • Beemie says:

        I think the early coffee and shower played a huge role in less than lazy snow day, usually I do not get out of pjs. Love Mocadeaux.

    • Beemie says:

      I know the “S” word can get old, but it was the first for the year and even though I had been back only one day I really needed it.
      Oh, when the Family Matriarch gets back from her post retirement month in Florida I intend to start making some summer plans, so I will keep you posted.

  2. Denise says:

    Lol. guess where I am………???? YUP!!! NOT MA! Arrived yesterday, return Mayish. Want to share where Family Matriarch is? (Send me an email.). I’m on west coast.
    Just found ANOTHER blog we read – Hooked on Houses! LOVE the house but think if we both sell our houses, husbands, and offspring we won’t be able to swing it.

  3. Denise says:

    Forgot to add I was speaking to a friend yesterday who lives outside Annapolis and he said schools were closed because of TWO inches of the white stuff! SERIOUSLY???

    • Beemie says:

      Yes, this is accurate…I know those of us with New England blood aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about, but again I did not complain. You should see what happens when we get 6 inches…end of the world, sky is falling, get to the shelters…craziness.

  4. Maribeth Meyers says:

    Beemie, let us not forget the mad dash to the store, no matter how bad the roads may be or even at the suggestion of snow, to get TP, milk and bread. As we all know, with out those three precious, necessary items, we would all perish in our homes. Which reminds me, it is suppose to be a “wintery mix” tomorrow -I better rush to the store before the shelves are emptied of these 3 life saving commodities……..

    • Beemie says:

      Went to the grocery store this morning…I have all the essentials. Wintry-mix = sleeping past 5:15 am, TV watching and sewing…woo-hoo.

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