Some say gifted…

…others say you shouldn’t have? Really!


Handmade Christmas gifts are either winners or losers. I try to make gifts the have meaning to others and I am hopeful that the gift may be used.

Here is a letter I wrote to my Massachusetts family about one of the gifts made and sent to them. They will be together at my niece’s house so I sent her the package and as hostess told her to distribute as she saw fit.

Started by Mum & Made From Scratch

Dear Family,

In the spring of 2008, we began the “task” of cleaning out our family home. If I recall we weren’t quite sure where to begin and I know many of you spent far more time in the removal of items “all things (our family name)” than I.

Our home

As I ventured into Mum and Dad’s room I was instructed by the consigliere (our mother was still living so this was name I called my sister who I now call the Family Matriarch), #1 Son and Keary to deal with the sewing clutter stuff. I believe the exact words were “take it all.” In an effort to not have my sewing area become like the one I was cleaning out I was very selective about the items I brought back to Maryland. Much of the beautiful fabric that Mum had acquired or salvaged from other projects was dry rotted. I did find a bag of fabric that was cut into squares, a few of the squares were pieced together quilt like. Just a few years before I received two handmade potholders at Christmas from Mum and I recognized some of the fabric in the bag as having been used in the potholders she gave me.





I used this red fabric on the back side…it was in the bag with the other pieces. I’m not sure if this was a dress or curtains…it could have been both. My mother was like Maria from the Sound of Music long before she made those play clothes for the von Trapp children.

I brought the bag of fabric home and washed the squares in hopes of someday making a quilt for her, but of course time was not on my side for that project. This fall, Hubster and I were cooking when we both came to terms with the fact that the potholders Mum gave us were now falling apart. For some reason, I just can’t throw them away as it was the last tangible gift I received from her. 


Made by Mum circa 2005.

Anyway, I began thinking about that bag of fabric squares and pulled it out. I looked carefully at the pieces some of which I remember as being a curtain, a house dress and a crib sheet. I determined that Mum had probably intended to make more potholders so I finished the job. This potholder is one of a kind, much like Mum…it will not coordinate with your home, but fortunately her comments about your home cooking will remain silent.


The potholders..definitely not beautiful, but made with love.

 I know you will do your best to share and I know some of you will be just as glad to pass on the offer.

Love, your sister or greatest aunt

I made another item, but I will share that one tomorrow.

For now I bid you Merry Christmas Eve…my table is set and Hubster is installing the new Blu ray right now for an eve of game play, movie watching and eating.

My table is set, food ready to go in the oven and Hubster has the beef on the grill even though it is pouring. What a man!

There will definitely be a kiss under the mistletoe.


The amaryllis was a birthday gift from one of my students. It just started blooming. My parents silverware and crystal serving pieces.

Until tomorrow, careful with the naughty stuff…stay nice.



  1. Keary says:

    The lion material was from an out fit mom had made for me. I haven’t seen it in years. I do remember the other fabric and I think the red floral was from Aunt Therese ( Dad’s sister)
    Please note you are spelling Keary wrong in your posts- it’s KEARY.

    • Beemie says:

      Since the nicknames were never formally written at home I had no idea you preferred the “ea” and Y instead of “ie”…now I have it straight.

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