Sentimental Feeling…

when I hear…


….Voices singing any Christmas song. I know I mentioned it before here, but the music is what really brings in the Christmas season. The days singing in the choir, glee club or around the piano at my childhood home are long gone, but not to worry the radio is blaring its continuous Christmas play. The family photos are perused again and lo and behold spirits of Christmas past.

My parents, Christmas 1952…10 years before they had me.

They seem happy with their current children, but I can see in their eyes they were longing for me.

About 15 years later….

My mother made the dress.

In the above photo you should take note of a piece of the family art collection…every good Catholic family had a portrait of the late JFK hanging prominently . In addition to the portrait our family collection included multiple crucifixes and statues of the Infant de Prague. Honestly, the Infant de Prague always gave me the “heebie jeebies”.

Just in case you have never experienced the Infant de Prague.

Infant Jesus of Prague

This little statue sat on a dresser in my room.

Back to Christmas…Keerie with her new Barbie and Beatles haircut, me charming as ever and Baby Boy with his transistor radio and Star Trek sweater. He could really work that shirt.

We used lots of tinsel back in those days in order to cover up the many a few bare spots on the tree. You can hardly tell we bought the last tree at the florists.

I continue to be in awe at the number of presents under that tree…this was probably the last Christmas that all seven children lived under one roof. My mother had a very strict budget. Some of our gifts were previously used, but I never knew the difference.


Christmas about 1983…in the center of the tree you will notice the Milkman’s Christmas card to my mother. He always bought the biggest card he could find and place it in the tree before he went to bed on Christmas Eve. My mother opened after all other gifts had been opened. This occurred every year until he died…they didn’t have a tree their last few years , but the card was always there.

(L-R) me, Mum, Keary, Piano Man (my brother) and the Milkman

My little family in our younger days…I guess we were having a lumber jack Christmas, my skirt is plaid as well.

We may need to recreate that photo…Son-sters I am going to run out and try to get those shirts. I know you are up for it.

Here’s to Christmas Past…

I can share a few of my handmade  items in a few days, but don’t want to spoil the surprise.



    • Beemie says:

      Thanks…it was fun. Keerie, my sister closest in age to me, told me she remembered one of the fabrics was a pair of shorts she wore.

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