No place like home…

…for the holidays.

So no matter how far away I roam from writing a post I did manage to decorate not one, but two…

Oh, Christmas tree…


I have about 408 Christmas ornaments…exactly eight made the the cut this year…go minimal or go home…maybe that should not apply to me, I am home.

Oh Christmas tree… how crooked were your branches.


Love my little table top tree with its wood jigsaw snowflakes…it is real and indeed slightly bent.

Also had to …

Deck the halls…

…or maybe that was haul lights out to the deck. The lyrics always confuse me.


The deck behind our house…it looks a lot better in person. I don’t want to brag, but this can be seen all the way from the kitchen window and helped the deer find their way to nibble the zebra grasses to a level that keeps the lights from igniting the dry foliage. Takes our breath away.

I can’t forget the ….

Stockings hung by the chimney with care…

though I am pretty certain I already shared.IMG_0596

 Not necessarily lovely weather…

for a sleigh ride together…,

but there is Hubster’s family sled on the front porch…along with my skates from 8th grade.

Spent many a Friday night skating at Larz Anderson Skating Rink in Brookline, MA…you may remember my Dorothy Hamill haircut.

IMG_0644I have also set aside a place to…

God rest ye merry gentlemen…,

but try to remember, gentlemen… I already have a husband.


Last, but certainly not least…

While most days have been merry and bright, I have had some…

Oh Holy Nights…

or notice the black holes in the twinkling lights


The conical fir to the right by the garage door has a section of lights out in the center and the nandina between the two windows has decided it to wants to darken the night …I am very symmetrical so trust me new lights have been purchased and these will be replaced.

At this point…there is still much to do…and

Baby it’s cold outside…

the writing has been so very nice,

the Hubster says come inside,

Baby it’s cold outside,

I guess I should scurry,

Hopefully another post will come,

but hey what’s the hurry.

Just one week to go and…

Even though we don’t have a pool, for some strange reason there are seven swans a swimming … I do hope swans enjoy the eggs the six geese have been laying since yesterday.

Don’t worry I know exactly what to do with the 5 Golden Rings.



  1. Denise says:

    The card tradition is just so sweet! Infant of Prague/Sacred Heart. Even had one in the kitchen which Mom would kiss every day. Thanks for the memory.
    Hope you are feeling better – follow the doctor’s orders!

    • Beemie says:

      Wow…that just brought back a memory. I think my mother also kissed that statue now and then…maybe I worried that she would ask me to do the same.

      Trying to drink plenty of fluids … and rest.

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