Friday Confession #14

It has been a while since my last confession so…

Although it’s been said many times many ways…

…I am a sucker for all Christmas music. I’d like to say my obsession with Christmas music came upon a midnight clear, but really my first recollection is this album which was on a continued and rotating play list on the record player during the holidays at my childhood home.

lennon xmas


Just as the Thanksgiving mayhem was ending and the relatives finally stopped drinking, gambling and arguing went home the Christmas albums were dusted off to fill the silent nights. While we could not always count on a white Christmas, we could always sing about it thanks to…

bing crosby


Because my mother insisted all of us be musically inclined we all had music lessons. Some played violin, piano, guitar and of course while we were not of Polish origin one brother even played the accordion…Who doesn’t love a Christmas Polka?…My parents were faithful viewers of  the Lawrence Welk Show so I am pretty certain this is why that instrument was introduced, also probably the reason we had the Lennon Sisters Christmas Album.

Today, I am more of a listener of “Christmas all the time” radio from the day after Thanksgiving to a few days after Christmas. Hubster immediately turns off the radio when he gets in the car with me. It is not so much that he is a humbug rather the Jingle all the Way cuts into the cursing while he is dashing driving through the snow. Fortunately, as he drives this shopper rushing home with all the presents, he does stop for the stop lights which blink bright red when he thinks it should be green.

This weekend I will be rockin’ around the Christmas tree….and singing merrily all in a new old-fashioned way.

Happy Friday!





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