My Weekend…

…low-key, but all mine.

I am happy to report that the report cards for the first quarter are now complete. When I finally stopped thinking about what I was going to teach this week here is what I had time for…meeeeeeee.

First, I took time to stop and smell the roses. Technically, it is fall and I don’t grow roses, but I am still amazed that as of Saturday the geranium, Vinca vine and wispy grasses in the pots out front still think they should be blooming. This probably won’t last through the week as we are expecting frost, but one last view of spring and summer right outside my front door makes me feel I can survive the winter to come.

This photo was taken early Saturday morning before the lawn boy (Hubster) had a chance to blow the leaves out to the woods.


Immediately after this photo was taken I went to a local craft fair. The fair is held each year on the second Saturday in November at Ridgely Middle School. It has been an annual event for about 30 years. Many vendors are regulars and just as many are new. All items at the event are supposed to be handcrafted. It is a wonderful community event and draws a huge crowd.

I purchased the items below….a “scarflace”, bracelet and sea salt chocolate brittle.


No photos of the fair itself as vendors get a little worried that you are trying to steal their ideas. The bracelet is a gift for my sister, Keerie…it is the blue and white china we all love. The Hubster and I knocked out the brittle by last evening and I will definitely wear the “scarflace” this week. I am taking claim to the name “Scarflace”…the vendor called it a necklace, but it is made of a yarn-like fabric so I deem this “Scarflace”.

At the fair, I ran into many acquaintances from the days when my own boys attended the school where the fair was held. I even ran into a few people who loved my handmade handbags so much that they actually purchased the bags when I used to sell a few of them…sometimes I see the bag before I see the person.

This bag was sold several years ago…as I roamed the aisles of the craft fair I spotted Claudette* worn on the shoulder of someone who owns several of my bags. The bag and the friend both looked in great shape.



Later in the day after being inspired to come home and be creative again, I dusted off the sewing machine. Slowly this fall I have been cleaning out the sweatshop aka the sewing room. I have this fear that I will die before the sewing room is completely clean and people will say, “My gosh she is just like her mother.”

Several weeks ago after I posted “Project Snow Day”...I had a sewing itch then, but was determined that I was not going to sew until I purged many of the former crafty items that were gathering dust. With my new found time this weekend and a diligent effort toward purging over the last two months, here is what I completed.

This is going to a dear teaching friend for her daughter’s doll. The bag is not attached to the dress, but I had no way to display it so it is pinned to the mannequin.


These are five fabric samples that I am pairing together to sew a handbag for a recipient unknown at this point.


The finished bag…I usually name my bags so meet. Felicity.


Here is a peek in side…


I was still a bit itchy so I continued to sew…I had a few more fabrics in the same color palette, but I wanted to try something different.

Here are the fabrics….


The bag is a cross-body style with a long strap. It has a zipper pocket in the front, a roomy top opening with single pocket inside and magnetic closure. The strap is 50 inches and can be tied to make shorter.

I might call this style ” Daytrippin’


I may make a few of these for the family for Christmas…the ladies anyway. I don’t think the men would appreciate or use.

I was also determined to make some blueberry muffins this weekend. My mother used to make fabulous blueberry muffins and every once in a while we would buy a blueberry muffin from Jordan Marsh, a large department store located in downtown Boston. My mother always tried to duplicate the JM muffins. I Googled it this morning and  found a recipe from the Boston Globe.

The famous Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin.



Well that was about it for the weekend…a dozen muffins for the Hubster and myself will be a bit much so several will be shared. I do not want to be accused of having a “muffin top” although it may be too late.

Another Monday…have a great day!


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