Did someone say dessert?

My waistline is a testament to the fact that I enjoy food. I was quite a finicky eater as a child. Home-cooked food was not at all appetizing; I would have been happy with Campbell’s Tomato Soup, tuna and pancakes every day. Somehow I made it to adulthood unscathed and rather thin. My dietary palette expanded, along with a variety of body parts and my mother’s cooking even became more comforting.

Family events always included vast amounts of food all lovingly home-cooked. We are so fortunate to have family members who enjoy cooking and even one who went on to become an actual chef, my nephew and godson. This past summer he was featured in the Boston Herald for his ice cream flavor Frozen Chowder. The article is featured here:

Local eateries serve up 
crazy ice cream flavors


I am not sure that this flavor would be my pick, but if offered I would at least give it a try.

Now he is at it again…this time it is Chocolate Pumpkin Bread pudding. It looks really easy to make. He is featured here:

In shameless self-promotion, I would like to say that when I used to babysit for him, I did let him make me eggs. He had to start somewhere.

Congrats…Chef…keep it up.

Love, Auntie

Happy last Thursday in October…the year is flying…much like the spirits may do tomorrow night.


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