Wildlife and a Saint

The wildlife surrounding our home was at it again over the weekend. You would think we are filming a Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom up here on our ridge in suburban Maryland.

I was never a fan of this show, but my country cousins used to watch it when I stayed them. I was always bothered by the whole circle of life thing.



One morning last week, the Hubster was up well before me and trying not to make noise while I was still lumbering in bed. He decided to get clothes from the laundry room. I heard the door to the laundry room and then I heard the Hubster let out a slight gasp. Unconcerned,  I rolled over in hopes of scoring the last twenty of my forty winks. Just then, I heard the garage door and then the front door open thanks to the alarm system which prominently announces a door that opens to a potential outside intruder. Curiosity was halting success in the winks department so I tip-toed into the hall and shouted down the steps.

“Did you see something in the laundry room?”

I was fully expecting the Hubster to say…a mouse, but no a snake….IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM OF MY HOUSE.

Hubster wrestled the serpent and tossed it to the great outdoors. Needless to say for the rest of the week the two of us thought everything we saw was a snake. This is not a good way to live in your own house. There will be no photos of a snake so don’t worry.

This is how we felt all week…..


Hubster was the one on the left…definitely the braver of the two of us.

Saturday, the Hubster was outside chopping wood in order to pile it by the side of the house for the winter. While blowing away the leaves to clear the area to stack the wood, there was another snake. He felt I should see the snake. Reluctantly, I agreed. The snake was coiled up and snug right next to the chimney. Hubster determined a better home was way back in the woods. I agreed, without reluctance.

Curious…. between the owl that hoots to the high heavens in the middle of the night and the snakes that are trying to squat in and around our home thus far we have seen no mice…I am knocking on wood that we will see no mice. ( I know you are shaking your head, but a girl can dream.)

Well, with all the wildlife provided courtesy of Saint Francis of Assisi we decided to go see a movie. I am happy to report that I made an excellent choice.

saint vincent


A wonderful, feel good movie. There was cursing, a kid, a stripper, a single mother, a Catholic school, gambling, drinking and a grouchy old man with many crusty bad habits, but under all of it …perhaps a saint.

I was brought back to my childhood when several of the father’s in the neighborhood would gather us kids on the premise of taking us to the Marshfield Fair. Oh yes, they did take us and drop us at the ticket lines for the rides. We rode on the rides until we ran out of money. We would track down the dads who were passing time in the grandstands of the race track and offer betting advice. I remember looking at the race card and seeing number 8, Hot Stove.

If you can believe this was my only experience with the equestrian sports.

horse racing

I was very convincing with my wagering advice…the horse won. Mr. Fitzhue*, a very dear neighbor dad collected $18.60. He gave me the sixty cents. I am sure that sixty cents never made it past the front gates of the fair and the news of his new found wealth never made it back to the neighborhood.

Have a nice Monday and put St. Vincent on your list.



* Name changed to protect the $18 was never reported to Mrs. Fitzhue. Both still live in the same home across the street from my childhood home. Secret is safe.


  1. Billy says:

    Power of the internet: Hot Stove won the fifth race at Marshfield on August 20, 1977. I’m sure I was going on rides and tipping horses to adults that day to.

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