These feet were made for walking…

… in not so sensible shoes.

Last Saturday, the Hubster said he was going to pop-in to work so I of course decided to “pop-in” to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Seems like an even trade off…you work, I shop (for myself of course). Also I can’t help it if TJ Maxx and Marshalls happen to be in the same shopping center as a DSW. It is also rather convenient that a HomeGoods is a mere side street crossing away from all of those destinations.

Not my TJ Maxx, but I would shop at any TJ MAxx, because you never know…



I had quite a successful trip….3 sweaters,  a pair of wool blend pants, two tops and one gourmet Funky Chunky Chip-Zel-Pop…This stuff is delicious and only available at TJ’s, Marshalls and HomeGoods just before the holiday shopping season. I believe it is sold in specialty gift shops as well, but I got the “max for the minimum” by purchasing it at TJ’s.

I can honestly confirm that I have filled a snack size plastic bag with this sweet, chocolate, salty snack everyday this school week. 


In all fairness, my classroom is at least one mile from the office and I have to walk there twice per day…sometimes more. I still do not understand why my clothing size is not in the single digits with all this walking.

After placing my goodies in the car I took a short walk to the DSW…conveniently, right next door to my TJ’s. There I “ogled” and walked right past the shoes that celebrities might wear on the red carpet for 7.5 minutes only to toss off under the seat in front of them until their name may be called to go onstage and over to the shoes labeled…Casual…translation= sensible shoes worn by teachers, former nuns, and practical people who have jobs that require them to function on  their feet all day.


Don’t get me wrong there are some very cute shoes on the lower heeled end of the shoe aisle, but I also have famously inherited bunions.

My bunion acceptance speech uttered in sensible shoes while slightly weepy:

I don’t know where to start, first to good breeding, thanks Mum for giving me two beautiful and symmetric bunions one on each foot just like your own. These bony bumps have survived black patent leather tap shoes, ballet pointe shoes, high top basketball  sneakers, Bass penny loafers, Sperry deck shoes, Tretorn tennis shoes, red Vans worn while a waitress two summers at Phillips Crab House, that adorable little flat, yet pointy red pair of unknown brand shoes I wore to death my senior year of college  and one too many Nickels and Nine West pumps on sale in the 1980’s. I’d also like to thank the fabulous pedicure specialists who have massaged my feet without commentary about my bunions or at least not in my native language. To the Hubster who has accepted my bunions as just more of me to love. And finally to all the gals and guys with bunions this speech is for you. Thanks…you like me …you really like me…. and my bunions. (Music playing to end the speech started somewhere around ballet pointe shoes, but I ignored it.)

I have to be very careful about the shoes I buy…and I especially do not want to look like a former nun in Rockport-ish black tie shoes. I tend toward clogs in the fall, winter and early spring, but I do like to shop have choices.

I can still picture clearly in my mind Sister Hubert Anne* tapping her foot by the lavatory door waiting for everyone to finish.

nun shoes

I have a recurring dream nightmare that these may be my future shoes; only my shoes will be flat.

I walked back and forth in the casual aisles and came across a pair of shoes that several of my colleagues have been sporting for a couple of years. (That’s me…cutting edge and two years behind the fashion conscious.) I was quite skeptical about this shoe choice because I feared it would rip my heels apart, crush my bunion and squeak like crazy as I walked down our cavernous tiled 1960’s building. I tried the pair on my feet and a bunion choir began to sing.

In my mind this was the choir, but I suppose they don’t sing for feet. 


I wore this new pair all day, for the first time Wednesday and I am ready to buy a pair in every color. There was a slight squeak, but the choir in my head deafened any offensive noise.

The pep in my step may have been even peppier than the model in this ad.


Single digit clothing size here I come.


If you are looking for a flat, comfortable shoe that doesn’t scream like a nun and is a mortgage payment cheaper than Tory Burch ballet flats…go forth and shop. Just be careful if your size is 10 and you live in Maryland, you may need to shop online as I may be one peppy step ahead in clearing out the size.



* name change to protect the not so innocent foot tapper


  1. Denise says:

    The sporty black model you featured can also be procured in blah beige to go with all your outfits. Purchased a pair recently for my 99 year old Mom, God forgive me!
    Share the dreaded bunion curse as well as wide feet, narrow heels. When I find a pair of shoes (covered) that aren’t excruciating and stay on the back of my feet, I hear the heavens sing! Flip flops are the answer.

    • Beemie says:

      Flip Flops are my go to summer shoe…too funny, didn’t see the blah beige…I live close to a Nordstrom…when I really have trouble finding a specific pair of shoes…Nordstrom usually has it…I purchased a nude flat there in the summer…wish I bought two pair because you are right, they go with everything.

      How wonderful you still have your mother…I thought my mother would live to well over 100…she’s been gone for 5 years she was 91…that generation lived through so many ups and downs.

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